IGL Unlimited High-Speed Internet

Running a household and managing a budget can be stressful, but not anymore! With no minimum-term contracts and unlimited data usage, your monthly communications bill just got simpler. Get started using the latest technology for internet.

In order to receive fiber internet, we will install a Network Interface Device (NID) on your home or outbuilding. A NID is a housing unit that connects the underground fiber cable to the fiber cable that we will run inside your home. These fiber cables will communicate to bring you access to the internet via an ONT, or router, that is then placed within your home.

IGL TeleConnect has NO term-contracts, NO data limits, NO hidden fees and NO equipment rental fees!

Fiber Internet is Coming to Rural Dickinson and Clay Counties!*

The installation of fiber will offer residents and businesses a faster and more reliable internet option and further IGL’s mission of providing rural Iowans with high quality internet services.

*Available only in select areas.

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Fiber chart

What is Fiber?

Fiber-optic internet, commonly referred to as fiber, is a broadband connection that can send data at almost 70% the speed of light and will allow IGL TeleConnect to offer up to 1000Mbps download and 250Mbps upload internet speeds.

How will IGL TeleConnect install fiber?

IGL TeleConnect will complete the project in two phases. Phase one will include construction beginning in Spring 2022 and will be completed in approximately six to nine months. Phase two will begin after the completion of phase one and will allow for the installation of service to homes and businesses.

How will construction affect me?

IGL TeleConnect will use the least invasive construction methods when laying the underground fiber, but portions of streets may need to be closed for days at a time during Phase One. IGL will replace what earth is disturbed during both construction and installation phases. Current IGL TeleConnect customer’s internet will not be affected during construction, but when construction is complete, customers will be required to choose a new fiber package as IGL’s current fixed wireless service will no longer be offered.

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How much will these new services cost?


Monthly Rate
  • $25....................1 Mbps / 1 Mbps
  • $50...................8 Mbps / 4 Mbps
  • $60..................25 Mbps / 12.5 Mbps
  • $70...................50 Mbps / 25 Mbps
  • $80..................100 Mbps / 50 Mbps
  • $100................250 Mbps / 125 Mbps
  • $200................1 Gbp / 250 Mbps


Monthly Rate
  • $60..................8 Mb/8 Mb
  • $70...................25 Mb/25 Mb
  • $80..................50 Mb/50 Mb
  • $90..................100 Mb/100 Mb
  • $110.................250 Mb/250 Mb

Phone and internet bundles are available!

All phones packages include FREE CALLER ID AND CALL WAITING. Pricing excludes taxes and fees.

*Excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

Have a thermostat you want to keep connected year round in a secondary home you own? Ask about our seasonal rate of 1mbps of download and 1mbps of upload for only $25/month!

$85 Standard Installation Fee (+ Tax)


Where will these new services be offered?

Fiber will be available to every home and business within the city of Lake Park, Pelican Ridge mobile home community, and Westfield by IGL. Rural Lake Park, Rural Dickinson County, and Clay Counties will see fiber to the home in the next several years. Call us today to check if your address will be included! See our coverage map for more information.

Don't sign any contracts!

Other internet companies may quickly try to get you to sign or renew contracts for their internet services, offering low introductory prices. Don't be fooled! Many of these contracts lock you in for FIVE YEARS! They will stick you with data limits, hidden fees, equipment rental fees and that low introductory price is sure to skyrocket during the duration of your contract. Wait for IGL TeleConnect and get the fantastic, local service you know.  IGL TeleConnect has NO term-contracts, NO data limits, NO hidden fees and NO equipment rental fees!

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