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Discover IGL TeleConnect.

IGL TeleConnect is a family business that is dedicated to providing both phone and internet service to Spencer, Lake Park and Milford, and internet services to surrounding Iowa Great Lakes communities in range of our communications towers.

IGL TeleConnect is a family business that is dedicated to providing both phone and internet to Spencer, Lake Park and Milford, as well as internet service to surrounding Iowa Great Lakes communities in range of our communications towers. We understand that budgets can be tight and wanted to offer service that is affordable and dependable. Rural communities deserve to have high-quality communications technologies just as larger cities do, and wireless internet and VoIP phone is the way of the future.

IGL can provide service to rural customers previously lacking high-speed internet options. Based in Spencer, IA we are your neighbors and the company you can trust for dependable service and one-on-one customer service. We pledge to bring you the most up-to-date services and equipment while supporting our local communities.

IGL Group

Coverage Area

IGL TeleConnect provides internet service to the IA communities of Milford, Lake Park, Spirit Lake, Spencer, and areas of Okoboji, Arnolds Park, Superior, Langdon, Greenville, Gillett Grove, Webb, Linn Grove, Sioux Rapids & Everly, as well as some southern portions of Jackson and Nobles counties in MN.

IGL TeleConnect provides telephone service to Milford and Lake Park, IA in the 338 and 832 prefix-exchanges. Telephone service is also available to Spencer, IA in the 584 exchange. You may keep your existing phone number or IGL TeleConnect will provide you with a new number.

Coverage is based on line-of-sight signal to a local tower and may depend upon terrain. A free site survey may be needed to check the signal strength from your location.

install antenna IGL Telecom
High Speed Internet

IGL TeleConnect uses a technology called Wi-Max for Internet service. Wi-Max is a technology that delivers high speed internet access to rural areas and other locations as an alternative to satellite or cable connections. Wi-Max signals can function over several miles and provide superior internet speeds. IGL offers high speed internet up to 6 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload. Megabits per second (Mbps) refers to data transfer speeds. Faster data transfer means faster internet browsing and faster file transfers in terms of download and upload speeds. To test your current internet speeds, go to

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

LTE is the newest technology in wireless that is classified as a 4G (4th Generation) service by the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) the group that is responsible for standardizing and improving wireless and mobile networks. The primary advantages of LTE over older technologies are the ability to user wider channels which in turn allows us to offer higher download speeds to customers, reduced latency which improves the customers experience to the internet by having a quicker response from websites and applications. LTE is also new enough that there are years of development ahead that will allow us to continue to offer higher speeds and allow us continued growth to accommodate more customers.

IGL provides internet signal through its own communication towers located in Lake Park, Spirit Lake, Superior, Grover, Milford, Langdon, Spencer, Gillett Grove, Webb, Greenville, Sioux Rapids, & Linn Grove (view coverage map). IGL TeleConnect provides customers with all the equipment they need to enjoy the benefits of this technology, including antenna and wireless router.

VoIP Telephone Services

IGL TeleConnect connects friends, family, business associates and customers using VoIP phone services. VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to make calls using a wireless broadband internet connection instead of an analog phone line. VoIP phone service offers many features that may not be available through other providers including simultaneous ring, do not disturb, virtual phone numbers, voicemail-to-email and more. IGL TeleConnect provides customers with all the equipment they need to enjoy the benefits of this technology, including antenna, analog telephone adapter, and battery backup.


When you have decided that IGL TeleConnect is going to be your new local provider there are just a few easy steps to follow to get your home and business’s services installed and running.

  1. Click Sign Up and we will contact you to schedule an installation time, or call us 800.281.1072 toll-free, or locally at 712.338.8352 or 712.432.8352.
  2. Let us know what services you would like to receive, how you would like to be billed, and how you would like to pay your bill. We can arrange Ebill services or schedule an automatic bank draft, among other methods, to help make paying your bill easy!
  3. Schedule an appointment for installation. Depending on service selection, installation will take anywhere from 1-4 hours, and will be scheduled during Monday-Friday business hours.
  4. A technician will install and program all necessary equipment for your services and setup your phone and/or internet connection. Someone must be home during installation and will be required to sign paperwork for services.
Billing and Payment Information

Your monthly statement provides a listing of your charges, payments and credits as well as special messages regarding service or rate changes. Customers may choose to receive their bill via postal service, email attachment, or through our Ebill system. IGL TeleConnect bills are mailed or emailed to customers around the 5th of each month and are due on the 25th. If not paid by the due date, a penalty may be applied to the account. After a grace period, a final notice will be mailed to all accounts with a past due balance. This will provide the amount past due and the date the bill must be paid in order to avoid disconnection. Bills not paid by this date will be subject to a non-pay processing fee.

For extra convenience, sign up for automatic bank draft or credit/debit card payments. Your account balance will be deducted each month on the due date, thereby eliminating late fees and delinquent notices. Click here for our Auto-Pay Enrollment Form.

By mail
Send check or money order along with your bill stub to:

IGL TeleConnect
PO Box 487
Spencer, IA 51301

At our office during regular business hours at 1501 35th Ave West, PO Box 487, Spencer Iowa 51301.

You may also submit cash or check payments at the Milford, Lake Park, and Okoboji branches of United Community Bank, provided payment includes your name and account number. Please allow up to 3 business days for these payments to process to your account.

By phone
Call our office to make a single payment by credit or debit card over the phone.